The Lazy Goan

Once upon a time in the sepia-tic era of the 1500s, the Portuguese first set foot in India and with them, carried the tales and culture of Europe. They overstayed their welcome and did not leave until the 1900’s. That was alright though, because they left traces of their heritage everywhere they walked, sat, touched, ate or drank. So it was no surprise that as the Goans started hanging out with the friendly Portuguese folk, they grew to like their way of life.


One such Goan was Mr. Costa. He owned a little shack that sold the best fish fry in Candolim. He always joked that he loved his wife almost as much as his off-white Morris Minor. But on the eve of their seventh wedding anniversary, he did something special for his wife.


The following morning, Mrs. Costa walked into their living room and found that it looked different than usual. She noticed that their old couch was replaced with what looked like a carved rosewood double seater. She sank into the abstract printed cushions as her husband walked in carrying a tray of chicken sandwiches, sausages and coffee. He placed it on the Mahogany side table next to the double seater. Her husband's gesture pleasantly surprised her. As she marvelled at how he managed to pull this off, he was calling out to her. He wanted to know what she thought. She smiled playfully and informed him that he had forgotten to add sugar in the coffee. He laughed and nudged her quietly. She affectionately embraced him and told him that she loves their new couch. She also apologised to him for not letting him participate with the interior decorating decisions when they moved into this house four years back. He agreed with a satisfied grin on his face.


That evening, as the smell of warm banana cake wafted through their home, Mr. and Mrs. Costa sat together and watched late night commercials. It was another day done right, in their lives.