Sourcing on-demand

Sometimes you want something special; it can be for your office, your study, or your balcony or bedroom. It can be an artefact from a specific period in time or place, or it could be something so unique that it changes the vibe in the room. Finding your heart’s desire is a tedious job. We make things easy for you by doing all the legwork and give you options which we are sure you will love!

How we do it?

1. Insight

Taking the brief from you and understanding what you precisely want. Giving estimate timelines, depending on the item to be sourced.

2. Hiring our service

Once you make an advance payment towards the search of your desired item, our team moves heaven and earth to find it. This is a non refundable payment. Usually we take 15 to 45 days to find the items you want. It may vary incase the piece desired is a rarer piece.

3. Final Tariff and freedom of choice

Our team sends you a few choices to decide what exactly you want. This is usually done via images shared. Once you tell us which of the items you want and the remaining payment is made, we then procure the item.

4. Acquisition

The sourced item is delivered to you. We usually request the client for a bit of their time and get a picture of them with the piece of treasure along with a testimonial.