Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my bow wowin god!
Am going to mama’s office today. You might think it’s no big deal because she takes me almost every day. But it’s so much fun! The best days are when daddy takes us on the noisy metal animal he refers to as the Bullet. So much to see, so much to hear. And those bewildered looks I get! Man…

So here is a little something about myself. My parents say the same about me. Wonder why. Am 59 days old and Daddy refers to me as that Little Thing. Only my brother doesn’t think so. They’ve named me Samrat. Wonder what that means but the homo-sapiens love it. I personally prefer Munchkin, I think mom prefers it too!

It’s a fancy-smancy office that humans call a Start-up. This isn’t one of those big glass and concrete buildings with mean and uniformed guards who shoo dogs away and frisk people instead. I thought protecting hoomans was my job. Dumb… right! Thank my stars!

Mom heads business and communication. Never understood why a bunch of people would “do their business” together. And so much for communication; they are on their shiny apples and some thing they call phone. Nothing wrong with wagging a tail and a good old fashioned bark. Boy, she does bark tho. More on the phone, than at me. Lucky eh…

The office is filled with fun people and some really really old furniture. To let you in on a secret, I don’t know bout the taste, but they sure as hell smell so much better than the stuff at home. Mom and Nayantara (Kiki) aunty call them antiques. They treat those things almost better than they treat other humans. Aunty’s son Gonzo is really nice to me. I like him. This place smells of him all the time. The hole he dug… I made it bigger!
Everyone is busy all the time. They use big words like business development, styling spaces, sourcing, design, period furniture, organic, forecasting, swiggy, balance sheet, Mark up..yada yada yada. I just love the crunchy mango leaves I get to chew on. And so many new shoes to chew! How could I forget shoes!

I miss my big brother. He’s home. Maybe because he’s too big and jumpy. Can’t blame him. He’s this serious and zealously protective guy. Spent time in the Army you see, seen bullets and death. But he’s been here, to mum’s office and approves of the humans here. I trust his judgment. They call him Sultan. He’s pretty famous back home. All the guards know him.
He tells me stories of when he used to escort mum to the office and back, they were still a young company and everyone used to be running around all the time doing something very businessy. Kiki aunty and mum keep mentioning process flow and structure. Wonder what that means tho.

Ok, she just said the magic words. LET’S GO HOME!

Damn, I peed myself some. But hey! Tomorrow is a brand new day here at Auraz Design!

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