Well, we have answers.

Styling your space:

What happens to my existing furniture?

We understand how difficult it is to part with things we have owned for a long time - be it your furniture or artefacts. Our Design team will work with you to see how we can use your existing possessions to retain the charm of your space and yet add a new feel to it.

I have a strict budget.

Unlike other interior design projects, our starting point will be your budget. You control the budget and we will take care of the rest. It is a myth that interior projects are expensive - we don’t ascribe to that philosophy!

Collaboration with artists, designers and makers.

In sync with our design philosophy, we collaborate with creative folk across India who help us in reconceptualising the design of modern spaces. These folk ascribe to our thinking and all work with their hands. By partnering with them on our styling projects, each project is one of a kind.

As a client, how do I get involved?

We know that your space must reflect a little bit of you. We love enthusiastic clients who like to be involved at every step of the way, it helps us ensure we meet the design brief.

Sourcing On- Demand:

I have something in mind. Can you help me find it?
Yes. Reach out to us if you have something particular in mind. We will to the rest.

I know where to get this item. But I don’t know if it fits my budget.
We generally provide options based on your budget. We don’t want to brag, but we are almost always able to connect our clients with what they want within their budget!

Looking to Sell?

Get in touch with us if you’re looking to sell any furniture or artefact.

We only need photographs of the item and a brief description of the legacy to give you a fair valuation.

Auraz Design PLAY:

What is Auraz Design Play?

Auraz Design PLAY is our way of collaborating with artists, designers and artisans, who, with their hand make brilliant pieces of creativity. This is our way of ensuring we give our clients unique designs using these artists in interesting roles.

Who can sign up?

Artists. Designers. Makers. Practically anyone who makes things using their hands.

How do I benefit?

  • Use AD as a platform to promote yourself.
  • Collaborate with AD on styling spaces.
  • Sell your work/services through our curated collections
  • Be a part of the change that’s done with mass produced design.

The Auraz Design Collection:

Defining A Look:

A look comprises of one or more pieces of period furniture, accompanied by decor accents such as rugs, paintings, lamps etc or anything we believe will be needed to complete your space.

The price for a look is the total price of all components combined.  If you’d like to buy specific parts of the look, you can see the price for each component on sale individually.

Once You Buy a look:

We do not arrange for assembly. Any skilled carpenter should be able to assemble the items for you. Wherever necessary, guidelines for installation will be provided to make life easier!

Some pieces that are smaller in size will be shipped without being dismantled.

Damages and Returns:

Although we try to ensure that you get the look of your choice in mint condition, some things are beyond our control.

We will only accept returns, if items are demonstrably damaged in transit. We would ask that in these circumstances, you contact us immediately and e-mail us photographic evidence of the damage to the packaging and the item. We will then look at the way best to resolve the issue.


You Want. We Ship.

Borders don’t limit us. Your wish is our command!

We have tied up with leading logistic firms to ensure smooth shipments across the world.


We recommend all our clients to insure their goods, while they are in transit. Because each piece we ship out is so rare, they are truly more valuable. Safeguard against any unwanted instances to ensure that they reach you in mint condition.

We will be happy to assist you in arranging for the best insurance quotes, or if you have a reliable insurance company you’d like to use, we are happy to collaborate.