Can You Save the Forests By Cutting Trees?

Stand up and take notice. We’re being conned into becoming a community of automatic consumerists. Slogging our collective butts off just so we can buy shit. Shit we buy for the sake of buying it. And buy it shiny and shoddy so we can throw it away in two years to make room for more new shit. By choice, accident, or manipulation, we’re trying to chase after a society which decided that they’d rather have luxury SUVs, large, low-fat, soy-milk lattes with extra foam and sprinkles on top and nineteen kinds of sushi for dinner, than have time to spend with the family and friends for whom they work so hard. Continue Reading

Advertising and The Indian Army

The recent attacks in Uri, the unrest in Kashmir and the deaths of the armed forces personnel has suddenly instilled a new sense of respect for The Indian Army in the hearts of Brand Managers and Creative Heads across the advertising industry and probably in the hearts and minds of the common man.

Sadly, there is no respect or love lost for the forces without a handful of deaths… we are such an amazing race (extreme sarcasm intended). Through no fault of our own, we are disrespectful and fickle. It just is… the way of the world.
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Puppy’s take on Business

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my bow wowin god!
Am going to mama’s office today. You might think it’s no big deal because she takes me almost every day. But it’s so much fun! The best days are when daddy takes us on the noisy metal animal he refers to as the Bullet. So much to see, so much to hear. And those bewildered looks I get! Man…

So here is a little something about myself. My parents say the same about me. Wonder why. Am 59 days old and Daddy refers to me as that Little Thing. Only my brother doesn’t think so. They’ve named me Samrat. Wonder what that means but the homo-sapiens love it. I personally prefer Munchkin, I think mom prefers it too!
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