On Balance

On the 14th of September 2016, Bangalore was slowly limping from a riot stricken reality to some semblance of normalcy. After two days at home for precautionary measures, it was definitely time to get back to business. It started out to be like any given day at work, until late morning when I encountered what I will definitely remember as one of those days when you have to summon all your inner strength and just get through the day, somehow.
An inconspicuous email from my auditor hit my inbox a little before noon. In that moment, it didn’t seem so important to read immediately, so I marked it for follow up. After sometime, it dawned on me that an email marked “Financials ‘15-’16” probably warranted a quicker response from me. Grudgingly and somewhat inattentively, I opened the attachment in his mail. There it was… staring me in the face with the ‘I gotcha, didn’t I?’ look. I could see my auditor’s face smirking in the background as a watermark on the document.
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The Makings of a Lady Boss

Those who have a passion for antique furniture will tell you how it makes them feel connected in some way to their past. Like the time you raced with your father to be the first one to ‘claim’ Dadu’s easy chair for the day in your grandparents’ home! Or your thrill at discovering an old Kerala day bed while roaming about in Jew Town; finding that long wooden bench you sat on at the railway station as a child or buying an easy chair at the Sunday auction at Russell Exchange in Calcutta (yes, we still call it that) — these are discoveries that make you happy from inside.

While you feel nostalgic about a time gone by, about people you’ve come to associate with those items, you have this sudden realisation deep within that it is so hard to find furniture like that nowadays. Everything is so posh, modern and everyone races to get the best deal on the latest trend. But you know that maybe you’re different from that lot. Maybe your ideal home would be a modern home, but with a reminder of your past and where you come from. Your own space. Your home tells your story. And that’s how Auraz Design came into being.
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