Advertising and The Indian Army

The recent attacks in Uri, the unrest in Kashmir and the deaths of the armed forces personnel has suddenly instilled a new sense of respect for The Indian Army in the hearts of Brand Managers and Creative Heads across the advertising industry and probably in the hearts and minds of the common man.

Sadly, there is no respect or love lost for the forces without a handful of deaths… we are such an amazing race (extreme sarcasm intended). Through no fault of our own, we are disrespectful and fickle. It just is… the way of the world.

The new Pepperfry ad, maybe not so new, it has been on air a month now I guess. Frankly, I do appreciate the effort the ad people have made in trying to make the ad, but people!!! There is no need for a Fauji to buy from Pepperfry while he is in service and is staying in the quarters, all furniture is accounted for an arranged for him before hand. Yes! The tax payers money is used well for the comfort of the army man, while he sacrifices the comfort of hugs of his children and has to wonder if his wife, his parents, his friends and beloved are smiling as the diwali lights shine.

I am an Army man’s daughter, and the ad just seems appallingly stupid. Disrespectful too. But that just might be my opinion. Honda, at least had the decency to just pay respect and salute the sacrifice these men make for us. Don’t use the Forces to make sales… Appreciate them.

It is probably just the fact that Pepperfry used the Army to make a sale, its smart as a tactic, but neither I nor any child of the forces will agree with. It just broke my heart.

The Indian Forces cannot and must not be commercialised, they are not a commodity and demand respect for all the sacrifice they make. It is not easy to bury a man you have served with, lived with nor years at end. It is not easy…

Pay your respects or shut the hell up.

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