The curated collection of designer lifestyle home decor accents.
Handmade, unique designs using innovative materials.

Bespoke Interior design consultancy for Indian homes.
Turnkey interiors for select residential and commercial spaces.

Auraz Design was founded in 2015 with the simple intention of challenging existing notions and ideas about home decor. Today, we are reshaping consumer ideas about the design of modern spaces. At Auraz, we are passionate about experimental decor. We love exploring period furniture with modern decor accents - helping us blend history and modernity. In our effort to extend our design services, we also undertake few bespoke residential and commercial projects. Though we are based out of Bangalore, we work with spaces around the world.

By collaborating with artists, designers and creators, we are consciously moving away from the mass-produced implementation of design. We like to work with people who work with their hands. Every space we work on is, therefore, one of a kind.

We truly believe that your home is an extension of you! Keeping this in mind and based on popular demand we launched our curated home collection. We source all our products from across India, helping you discover one of a kind, unique pieces for your home.

Who's who at Auraz Design?

Nayantara Kochhar, Founder and Managing Director

A self-confessed hoarder of knick-knacks, Nayantara quit her HR career after five years to start afresh and explore the creative world of business. She loves the idea of being able to travel to hunt for old treasures. Her longstanding appreciation for old, crumbly, ramshackled heritage houses in Calcutta and Goa, coupled with the lack of enthusiasm from the owners to maintain them led to the idea of restoration and relooking at old things in a modern way. Auraz Design took shape slowly but surely, and now there’s no looking back. Nayantara ensures that all at the core of each of the offerings at Auraz - a little bit of the past is always cherished alongside the modern.

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Hema Seeram, Digital Media

Our go to person for everything in the digital world, this quiet problem solver loves puzzles, doing yoga and eating spicy food. Always on the look out for her next DIY project, Hema is the quiet, resilient hard worker that every company leans on every now and then. Hema runs our digital campaigns and is on the forefront of leaving our digital footprint across platforms. When not working, you’ll find her giggling with her headphones on while watching cartoons online!

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